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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Welcome to!

Welcome to!

Dear Reader, is a NEW website, dedicated to educating, inspiring and connecting all types of flutists. Students, amateurs and professionals are ALL welcome to contribute!

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 to Answer and read Answers to current and past Questions!  Browse flutist and teacher websites, freeflute articles and more!  Try Flute Youtube to find favorite videos posted by other flutists and even have your own Youtube page!

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Current Question

What is your favorite piece to perform and why? 

Click HERE to read answers from Carla Rees, Kathryn Masters, Viviana Guzman and Mercedes Smith. to add your own answer!

Past Question

What is your favorite practice ritual?

(Click HERE to read answers by Terri Sanchez, Paula Robison, Jocelyn Goranson, Nan Raphael, Viviana Guzman, Nicole Esposito and Shauna Thompson).

Flute YouTube

Flute YouTube

Links to Flute Youtube Channels and Youtube Pages!

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Flute Youtube Channels and Pages

Flute Articles and Misc.

Flute Articles & Misc.

The Art of Being a Flutist - Articles to inspire flutists and flute teachers!
Terri Sanchez

Student Solos - Links to standard solo repertoire. 
Rachel Lopez

The Sensible Flutist Blog - A Sound Approach to Flute
Alexis Del Palazzo

"...everyone who is a fearful performer can learn to be a joyful one!"
Helen Spielman

Mercedes Smith

Music Strong Blog - Helping Musicians Learn to Use Their Whole Bodies
Angela McCuiston

Email with any links you would like to add. 

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Flutists and Flute Teachers

Flutists and Flute Teachers

Click on a flutist’s name to see their website!

Terri Sanchez - Carrollton, TX

Lisa Garner Santa - Lubbock, TX,

Mercedes Smith - Houston, TX

Elena Yarritu - San Diego, CA

Paula Robison - Boston, MA                                             

Carol Wincenc - New York, NY

Jill Felber - Santa Barbara, CA                         

Viviana Guzman - San Francisco, CA

Seth Allyn Morris - Ann Arbor, MI                                  

Jocelyn Goranson - Commerce, TX

Nicole Esposito - Iowa City, IA                                        

Conor Nelson - Bowling Green, OH

Rachel Lopez - Austin, TX                                                

Nan Raphael - Washington D.C.

Kara Kirkendoll Welch - Dallas, TX               

Pam Youngblood - Denton, TX

Julee Kim Walker - Durant, OK                     

Helen Blackburn - Dallas, TX

Christine Beard - Omaha, NE                          

Amy Taylor - Chicago, IL     

Lisa Bost - Carrollton, TX                                                  

Johanna Borenstein - La Crescenta, CA

Megan Lanz - Las Vegas, NV                                            

Ray Furuta - New York, NY

Kaori Fujii - New York, NY                                               

Helen Spielman - Washington Heights, NY

Virginia Broffitt - Stillwater, OK                       

Kathryn Master - Sarasota, FL

Carla Rees - London, England                         

Angela McCuiston – Panama City, FL 

Cobus du Toit - Boulder, CO

Brian Luce - Tucson, AZ

Beverly Brossman - Seattle, WA
Silver Winds Duo

Jim Walker - Oak Park, CA