Thursday, July 21, 2011

What is your favorite piece to perform and why?

My favorite piece to perform is Apparition and Release by Michael Oliva ( It was the first piece he wrote for me in a collaboration which has since lasted for well over 10 years. The piece is for Kingma system alto flute and electronics, and I still think it’s one of the most well-written alto flute pieces out there. Michael seems to have an instinctive sense of how to compose for the instrument, and he captures the soul of it. It’s a very emotional piece to perform, and has everything in it; expression, technical challenges, and a wonderful electronic part. We’ve performed it over fifty times now, I think, and every time it seems to come to life in a new way. That’s the sign of a great piece! Carla Rees - London, England

I go in cycles.  And like choosing what to wear in the morning, my favorite piece to perform depends on my mood :)
Viviana Guzman - San Francisco, CA

Hard to say just one, but I do think Copland’s Duo for flute and piano is one of the most delightful works for flute by an American composer.  I love the many moods of the piece and how effective it is with audiences.   The opening notes are so simple yet powerful -- I think of being alone on a Western prairie with the sun just rising – it is beautiful.  Then the restrained yet deep emotional poignancy in  the second movement, followed with the lively “cowboys having a rip-roaring good time” in the third movement.   Altogether a wonderful American piece full of rhythmic play.
Kathryn Master - Sarasota, FL

Favorite piece to perform:  Syrinx, for it's simple freedoms. 
Mercedes Smith - Houston, TX